About Team Hosted

Hi! We’re Meghan and Lauretta, Co-Founders of Hosted.
We met back in 2015 while working in the Minneapolis corporate world. We bonded over work trips, yoga classes, wine, and quickly became great friends. Fast forward to a casual lunch in 2019. We were sitting at our favorite cafe talking about the pain points of party planning, and the need to have more sustainable options that still look elevated and fun. That is when the planning began, and we made it our mission to find a way to reduce the planning headache, and the waste. 
Over the past year Hosted has transformed into an eco-conscious event planning company and product development company. We specialize in curating an assortment of compostable tableware options, that still give your party an elegant and elevated look. Instead of opting for landfill-bound tableware, consider shopping Hosted's online platform for elegant palm leaf plates and printed paper straws!
At Hosted, we plan customized events across the country for parties as large as 700. From Minneapolis to Aspen, we help take the headache out of coordinating guest lists, activity planning, restaurant booking, and provide unparalleled on-site coordination. Our concierge has planned everything from 70th birthday parties to corporate getaways. Each experience is custom-tailored to meet your needs, and the Hosted team is on-site to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. 
Our platform is 100% local and 100% eco-conscious. Within just 72 hours of your event, you can get everything you need from your favorite local vendors, all delivered within a 30-minute window the day of your event. 
Just consider it done. Or better yet, Consider It Hosted! 
XOXO, Lauretta & Meghan